The company Minottiitalia was born in 1961 in the heart of Lombardy. An artisan company of classical heritage, it was able to create, from the very beginning, different emotions, adapting to the various furniture and design’s historical moment.

Thanks to its constant collaboration with “Il salone del mobile” from its birth, Minottiitalia finds its place, first in Italy then in the world, evolving and transforming from an artisan company to an industrial reality, obviously without forgetting research and design, that are the keys and strengths through which it is internationally acknowledged.

The selling network, made up by selling point and agents, guarantees the presence of Minottiitalia globally. A reality even more established thanks to the collaboration with international architects.

Minottiitalia pays close attention to details in its manufacturing, in each productive phases. Everything takes place inside their laboratories through the support of specialised staff; this allows constant monitoring of all productive phases, assuring the high qualitative standards that the market demands.

In 2001, with the radical change of the entire typology of product and the experience gained through the years, it starts the production of collection furniture with the “45 degrees” technique. It characterises and makes products unique, with a strong personality and a particular design.

2013 is the year in which the company moved in the direction of a new kind of product even more sculptural and with particular details, new materials and different carvings. Our designers are architects but also sculptors who managed to give a concept of art to our products.

In this way, we continue our research of unique designs that stand out in our clients’ stores and in the houses of our end-users.

In 2014 the company starts a collaboration with the architect Michele Mantovani who creates many of the most interesting projects of the last decade, such as the Salone del Mobile’s stands and the design of catalogues, as well as numerous personal projects with the entire Minottiitalia collection.