Orlandini Design is the new brand created by Paolo Orlandini.

The long collaboration with Roberto Lucci, (started in 1968) finished then in 2009 and now, with a young team of creatives and designers, he continues his own work as Orlandini Design, a studio where a long professional experience meets with an acuter attention to the new tendencies, new materials and new technologies.

The most important stylistic quality of Orlandini Design products is the great essentiality that means designing technical solutions that make the product cheap and reliable paying also attention to the production aspects.

Another important point is the programmed customization that is designing the object just considering possible changes on customer request. This an innovative design approach that helps the companies to sell better, avoiding “the mortal run” to the lowest price.

Among the most recent Awards received there are : “Best of Neocon” (Chicago 2000,2006,2008,2010);”Grand Prix de l’Innovation (Paris 2000,2005), Premio Dedalo Minosse (Vicenza 2006), Chicago Athenaeum “Good Design Award”(Chicago 1995,2003,2004,2005,2009,2013,2014,2015); Interior Design Best of Year 2013.